Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company with operations in more than 60 countries and products sold in over 160 countries. Lenovo designs, develops, manufactures and sells personal computers, tablets, phones and more.


  • UI design
  • Illustration

Raising The Value stretch

Through trustworthy design

The existing sales pages and general marketing collateral for Lenovo smartphone products in China were outdated and unsophisticated. Our challenge was to increase the brand positioning of the new sales pages through a fresh and modern design style, appealing to the target demographic and ultimately raising the existing brand value proposition.

Appealing To The Demographic

using form and function

The K3 Note Smartphone was to appeal to the Chinese Generation Y demographic, connecting through the use of youth culture trends in music, graffiti and fashion. The selling points of the K3 Note to communicate were the built in MAXXAUDIO music technology, and the affordable price.

JD & Tmall are the largest online retail marketplaces in China.
Section of the JD product page design for the Lenovo K3 Note Smartphone

We have been expecting to differ from the monotonous product page design style of Taobao. I feel confident for the achievement quality of Digital Creative after seeing their successful cases, but since most Taobao users are local users, I doubt whether a foreign team can accurately grasp the design demand of Chinese market, and transcend cultural differences to realize harmonious cooperation with us.

During the cooperation, my first impression is that they are very professional in each link of project matching. From the beginning originality to the follow-up of intermediate demand, they make timely tracking and feedback. Digital Creative amazed me by its global design vision and localized communication mode. They have such a good knowledge of local condition, and realize internationalized design level under the premise of guaranteeing that user experience conforms to the habit of Chinese users, and thus our design can stand out among various mediocre designs of Taobao.”

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