Huazhu is a hotel management company in China with a portfolio of thousands of hotels including Hanting, Hi Inn, JI hotel, Starway Hotel and more. The company was started by the founder of Ctrip.


  • UX design
  • User Research
  • UI design
  • Style Guide

Reaching a new market

Beyond China

The heads of marketing at Huazhu had became interested in our designs through Dribbble and had reached out to our Creative Director to collaborate in redesigning the UI of their hotel booking app, H World. The app was already very successful in China, with 50,000 users a day, and a growing network of hotels popular with short stay businessmen.

The next version of the app was expanding their reach of hotels into Europe, while also beginning to include international hotels within their booking system in China and the new UI design needed to appeal to both markets.

Huazhu profile screenshotUser profile UI design

Designing for the user

Balancing cultural ux patterns

In the process of redesigning the UI, we were provided with a set of prototype wireframe designs as a blueprint for our designs. We then invested a lot of time in researching different booking apps within China and western countries, studying and understanding habits and behaviors of hotel booking users and existing HuaZhu users.

We found China and Western UX booking patterns were quite different. To ensure the existing Chinese users had a familiar experience that was predictable and easily percieved without having to learn any new patterns, we embraced the popular Chinese booking process while refreshing the visual design to be as clean and modern as possible, given the large sets of data.

Travel assisstant UI designHuazhu assistant screenshot

UI style guide

For in-house designers to follow

Once our designs were handed over to the HuaZhu app developers, they wanted their inhouse designers to be able to continue creating new pages and designs for the application. In order for these designers to keep a consistency with our vision we designed a UI style guide to follow.

The style guide included typography, colors, iconography, spacing, image use, headers, navigations and more, that the HuaZhu designers could follow to maintain the design integrity of the new app.

Keyless hotel room entry

For in-house designers to follow

One of the exciting features worked on was an in-app hotel key feature. The first of its kind in China. This feature allows guests to go through an automated check-in process on a computer, then head to their room and open the door through the HuaZhu application, without a traditional key.

Our team worked on site at HuaZhu hotels testing keyless hotel room prototypes to ensure a smooth user experience for this new concept.

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Hongquan Wu

Hongquan Wu

Product Manager


Digital Creative reflected extremely strong design capability, professionalism, and customer service, with their design work receiving strong praise in both inside and outside the company.

It's worth mentioning that due to the complexity of a hotel booking platform and the interactive design detail involved within such a tight deadline, their Shanghai agency grasped the essence of our business very quickly and provided us with not only the quantity of work but also the quality of the work, which I believe was the major factor of this project being such a success.”

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