Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers, and information and imaging related equipment. In 1998 Epson was launched in China, with it's headquarters in Beijing.


  • Consulting
  • Usability testing
  • User research
  • UX design
  • Meausring & Optimizing

Taking a website into the future

With good old-fashioned testing, research and design.

Epson China needed an in-depth report to be used as a guideline for the redesign of the official Epson China website. Our goal was to not only show the clear solutions and changes necessary, but to show how this could done through intelligent design. The result was not changes that were made for change's sake, but we highlighted the areas where future investment would be optimal.

Digital Creative design team analysing the Epson website user flows and information architecture.

The simple yet powerful user research


User personas were divided into main purchase, collective purchase and non-purchase decision makers. The goal of the user research was to understand habits of IT product users based on their channels used to collect information before and after a product purchase, and to define each user personas needs and habits on the Epson China website. This was done through user surveys on existing IT product users across China that met our strict screening criteria.

User survery sample question: Time browsing websites before purchasing product online

Main purchase decision maker
Collective decision maker
Non decision maker

Next level analysis

through heatmaps & analytics

We researched the existing analytics, focusing on the users behavior, site search, site speed, and audience. By understanding how the users move through the website, allowed us to gain insights to better optimize the information architecture, usability and provide faster path ways to the content and functionality that the user was looking for.

Heatmap, analysis of user clicks

An in-depth usability audit


We performed an in-depth usability audit containing over 200 checkpoint guidelines to test against various sections of the Epson China website. Sample search checkpoints included:
  • Search results are clear, useful and ranked by relevance
  • The search engine handles empty queries gracefully
  • The most common queries (as reflected in the site log) produce useful results
  • The search box is long enough to handle common query lengths
  • Searches cover the entire web site, not a portion of it
  • The site supports people who want to browse and people who want to search

We chose a cast-iron foundation of the International Usability Standards (BS EN-ISO9241-110) and Neilson usability guidelines, before bolting on our own tailor-made checkpoints. The strength of this audit is that the checkpoints are firmly based on user research and results; what is proven to work, not an audit based on opinions.

Each checkpoint was scored in a system of complying (+1), moderately complying (0) or not complying (-1). The data from the scores was grouped in specific sections of the website such as Homepage or Search, then averaged and visualized to provide report card overviews of each sections in a radar chart. This allowed us to identify problem areas of the website to rate on a scale of priority, complexity and cost.

User tester A1
User tester A2
User tester A3
Sample usability audit scores, visualizing each sections overall score by user

Prototyping recommended usability solutions

with high fidelity wireframes

Piecing together all of the insights and learning from the user research, analytics and usability audit - we crafted a series of high fidelity wireframe designs to highlight our recommendations in practice based on real user data.

High fidelity wireframe design recommendations for search results best practices

The passing of the torch


The ouput of the consultation was an 80 page report, focusing on the following sections

  1. Assessment Procedure
  2. Key User Tasks
  3. Usability Checklist
  4. Website Usability Reportcard
  5. Section Breakdown
  6. Summary of Consultation

Using the report, Epson China could better understand their users needs, issues with their existing website, and have the knowledge to make future investments to improve ussability and customer satisfaction.

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