China Policy is a globally recognized policy research and strategic advisory in Beijing, providing the most up-to-date information available, constantly monitoring government releases, public discourse, and the policy environment.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • WordPress development
  • Front-end development
  • MailChimp
  • E-mail marketing

Beginning with branding

An icon to symbolise China

In 2010 we first designed the China Policy visual identity system. To encapsulate the company’s focus on China, the design of the 'CP' logo referenced a stylization interpretation of the character '中' taken from '中国', meaning 'China' in Simplified Chinese. The typography and colors were selected to communicate a corporate and official tone, while balancing for maximum readability.

Zhong CharacterA stylization interpretation of the character '中' meaning 'China' in Simplified Chinese

Client access platform

To access and find secure content

We designed and developed a website application using WordPress as the platform, fully utilizing all the CMS features and creating a powerful custom WordPress theme to handle the requirements. The website provides China Policy clients with user accounts with privileges to access assigned tiers of content. On the front-end users can easily find content through an advanced system of tagging, searching, arranging and filtering. On the back-end additional layers of custom functionality were created for multiple administrators to organize, edit and publish content far beyond the default WordPress system.

Animated example of filtering policy ticker content in client access
User control panel
User control panel to manage frequency & categories of e-mail subscriptions

Automated content subscription

From wordpress to mailchimp

For China Policy's website users to easily stay up to date with the specific content they're interested in we created multiple custom RSS feeds for all of their publications and user subscriptions, and connected the feed to MailChimp - a powerful Email marketing tool. We then created a settings dashboard on the China Policy website for users to control which posts they receive via e-mail based on document types and posts tagged with specific tags.

Responsive e-mail updates

Easy to read content delivered to mobile

To deliver the content via e-mail, we designed branded responsive HTML5 e-mail templates integrated with custom MailChimp campaigns for each user (using MailChimp API), custom e-mail send-out logics and manual overrides for the RSS feed. MailChimp logo

Responsive e-mail updates
Philippa Jones

Philippa Jones

Founder, China Policy

Presentation and design are critical elements in everyone's business and finding the designer who is in tune with your ideas should be a top priority for every business. Digital Creative's elegant work has become the signature of China Policy - they are integral to our business.”

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