We help you understand your users in China,
providing the data you need to drive your business decisions.

UX research

By testing your products in China, we help you understand how to tailor your user experience and drive the critical business decisions to gain more happy customers. We’re so dedicated to this we built a research facility called UXSPOT in Shanghai to run quantitative user research on Chinese users.


Focus group interviews

Test your product in a focus group environment to learn attitudes, opinions and preferences of Chinese users through moderated discussions and exercises. We provide translated recordings, analysis and reports with clear recommendations.

Usability testing

Identify usability pain points in your website or app through 1-on-1 usability testing in our Shanghai facility. We not only research products we build them, so we know how to test them in-depth to find opportunities to improve.

User surveys

Gather quantitative data about your Chinese users through online user surveys. We’ve built custom interactive survey tools to quickly reach Chinese users on WeChat, screening only targeted demographics and capturing quality results.

Expert review

Our expert UX researchers and designers provide in-depth custom audits on your websites and apps user experience, visual design, usability issues, providing you with detailed recommendations and best practices to improve your product in China.


We translate English, Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) and Traditional Chinese (Cantonese) content to high quality copywriting and provide simultaneous translation of our user testing and focus groups interviews.

Research case studies