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WeChat mini-app event engagement

A WeChat mini program to support the offline experience of Porsche Snow Force, a one of a kind, four day snow driving event in Inner Mongolia.


Office 365 consumer funnel optimization

Increasing conversions of the Office 365 China consumer funnel through in-depth user research, UX/UI design localization, video production and user testing.


China e-commerce localization

Localizing the new Dyson online shopping experience through one-on-one usability testing a mobile e-commerce prototype in China.


Concept Design - Reimagining The In-flight Enterainment Experience

In-flight enteraintment experiences, designs and functionality are out of date. We think the industry needs to setup their game, so we took the liberty to help nudge it along with some fresh ideas... Read more


We research, design and build user-focused websites, apps and digital campaigns to build engagement and increase conversions. From localizing for Chinese users to enhancing and creating new digital products in China, clients trust us to deliver high-end results... Read more